As a result of the online evaluation, you can evaluate a number of general ideas such as whether you are suitable for hair transplantation, how much hair root you need. It should be noted that the best evaluation will be the one-to-one construction at our hair transplantation center.

Online evaluation. Please send photos.

Please send photos for online evaluation. 

Take a look at the pictures taken from 5 directions as shown in the picture above. Your assessment will reach you via WhatsApp within 24 hours.

As below;

  1. Right hand drawn photo
  2. Photo taken on left hand
  3. Photo taken from the hill
  4. Front-drawn photo (Head slightly tilted)
  5. Photo taken from back
  6. Send five photos from here » WhatsApp1 or from here » WhatsApp2.

When you click on the green links, your phone will automatically connect to us via WhatsApp.

We hope you get good news.

Attention: Please do not ask for this method because it is not possible to price.

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