Before hair transplantation, to determine whether you are suitable for hair transplantation , we should first see your hair structure in your nape area. Patients with sufficient hair and some health conditions are given the day for transplantation with the conditions to be followed before transplantation.

Before hair transplantation

Suggestions and preparations before hair transplantation

  • To understand whether you are eligible for hair transplantation, we need to briefly welcome you in our clinic. We are against operations that may be suspicious about their consequences.
  • Before taking the day decision for transplantation, set yourself up for 1 day before the operation and 3 days at rest. With a calm body without stress, he will go something better.
  • Once you have an appointment, you should never shave the hair and make sure you visit our transplantation center on the day of the operation with a light breakfast and never drink or smoke. These measures take precedence for a seamless transplantation session.
  • In order to prevent damage to the new sown hair, wear a comfortable, collared shirt on the day of the operation instead of rubbing your head against the t-shirt.
  • In special cases, please contact our center and please take the time to complete your appointment.

Hair transplantation center operation preparations

  • During the hair transplant operation, a blood test is carried out to ensure that you and your health personnel do not experience any risky situations. Preparations are continued if the result of the blood test results as desired.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent document that you have given us permission to protect our mutual rights for the operation. Please read and sign it thoroughly and sign it.
  • Row has come to transplantation planning. At this stage, the hair transplantation of your head is planned, while the amount of hair grafts to be removed from your nape area is calculated.
  • After taking into account the natural shape of your hair, your hair is shaved and prepared for the operation and surgical clothes are taken to the operation room.
  • We tried to give general information about pre-planting preparations. Please also read our transplantation procedure to learn about transplantation. For more information and to answer your specific questions, please contact our transplantation center.

Information on hair transplantation in Istanbul | You can also visit this site in Turkish and Arabic.

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