While hair regrowth phase after a transplantation, we will have a number of important suggestions for the hairs which are planted in the healthy way and to grow in a healthy way. These recommendations are the most important phase of post-hair transplantation and must be strictly adhered to.

After hair transplantation

The most important first 3-4 days of hair regrowth

  • Try not to go out of the clean environment of your home as much as possible to reduce the possibility of catching the germs without forgetting that the wounds on your head are slightly open after hair transplantation. Rest, apply exactly the advice we give.
  • Do your best to protect your newly planted hair. During the first 4 days, your nape area is already bandaged and you just don’t have too much trouble lying down because your head is wounded. Avoid sports and other similar activities that could damage your hair. Briefly protect your head against friction and impacts. Avoid situations where damage to hair follicles can be caused and increased risk of infection.
  • 4 days after the first wash your hair using recommended shampoos and creams with warm water. During this time you will find tiny crusts on your neck and in places where your head is sown. Before washing your hair with shampoo, apply a mild cream to the crusted areas with plenty of cream and wait for half an hour to wash it with shampoo and rinse with still water. Never use towels for drying. Dry by adjusting the hair dryer to warm and light air. Be very gentle about washing.

You will reach your hair after hair regrowth in a year

  • Your hair will start to grow in 3-4 months. Your hair will grow exactly about 1 year. During this time, a sudden spill can be observed in a few after the operation. Spilled hair will be released and will not be poured again.
  • For a healthier and faster healing process, do not use cigarettes (leave completely!) And drink.
  • Please do not hesitate to call us for unexpected situations and topics of interestz
  • Your hair will not be poured again after hair transplantation.
  • The hair in the nape area is generally very firm and they do not fall off. Your hair will grow in your hair in the nape of your hair is selected from among the roots of the hair is the most solids will not be poured again.

What are the complications associated with a hair transplant?

Side effects from a hair transplant are usually minor and clear up within a few weeks. They can include:

Bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, a crust that forms on the areas of the scalp where hair was removed or implanted, numbness or lack of sensation on the treated areas of the scalp, itching, inflammation or infection of the hair follicles, which is known as folliculitis, shock loss, or sudden but typically temporary loss of the transplanted hair, unnatural-looking tufts of hair

We recommend that you read the hair transplantation preparation and hair transplantation sections before this last article. Please contact us for more details.

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